Drain Repair Edinburgh

003Initially what was thought to be a blocked drain may turn out to be a more serious problem, your drain may be collapsed, broken or damaged. Damaged or collapsed drains will not be operating effectively, potentially putting you at risk of flooding of water or sewage. On occasion a collapsed drain can even be more serious by eroding and washing away the soil from under your buildings foundations causing cracking and settlement. A damaged drain may need repairing or replacing promptly we at Dial A Rod can deal with any challenge fast and effectively.

Dial A Rod are the experts in repairing replacing and renewing your drains.

On occasion the problem with your drain is much more than just a simple blockage. When this is the case you need to have trust in the company repairing, replacing or renewing your drains, they need to be qualified, experienced skilled and professional, this is not achieved by simply picking the largest company, as more often than not they employ young unqualified, inexperienced personnel. We at dial a rod have engineers with up to 30 years in the business who are not only drainage engineers but fully qualified plumbers. So for a professional job more affordable better priced Dial A Rod are your solution.

Our techniques offer cost saving methods saving you money and cutting down time your drains are out of service.

So for peace of mind call the professionals. Call Dial A Rod Now.