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Edinburgh Blocked Drains & Drain Clearance

Blocked Drains in Edinburgh are no joke, not only can it create terrible smells it can also be a health risk and a absolute nightmare. At Dial A Rod we have the technology and experience to get any drain problem sorted fast and efficiently.

Dial A Rod is an independent local company based in Edinburgh who only employ fully qualified drainage engineers and plumbers that have a minimum of 10 years experience. In fact one of our engineers has 34 years experience and there are others with around 15 to 20 years experience each so you can be confident of getting a job well done!

Domestic & Commercial Drainage Services in Edinburgh

We also do commercial and industrial work. If you're a business owner or supervisor responsible for keeping things running smoothly, whether you work in the caring sector such as a nursing home or a hospital, a factory, a shop or a pub at sometime you will require commercial drain services. Don't hesitate to call Dial A Rod.

Drain Repair: We also Fix Broken & Damaged Drains

Initially what was thought to be a blocked drain may turn out to be a more serious problem, your drain may be collapsed, broken or damaged. Damaged or collapsed drains will not be operating effectively, potentially putting you at risk of flooding of water or sewage. On occasion a collapsed drain can even be more serious by eroding and washing away the soil from under your buildings foundations causing cracking and settlement. A damaged drain may need repairing or replacing promptly we at Dial A Rod can deal with any challenge fast and effectively.

We deal with ALL drain problems so call us to see how we can help!