Drains Cleared Fast In Edinburgh And The Lothians

Dial A Rod the Edinburgh drain specialists is an independent local company who only employ fully qualified drainage engineers and plumbers that have a minimum of 10 years experience, in fact one of our engineers has 34 years experience and there are others with around 15 to 20 years experience each. The Edinburgh Drain Specialists have whole lot of knowledge.

You might be wondering, apart from the obvious, how does this benefit you? Quite simply your job will be done by an expert which can save you money and time on site, save you hassle and save your drains from damage. There have been many many instances where we have been called in after a well known company has spent many hours or days struggling to resolve the problem with no success. It has been known for the customer to pay up to 15 times as much to the other company for not clearing/sorting their problem than they end up paying us to resolve and fix the problem.  

We are not a franchise so can work out financially beneficial We are fully indemnified and insured

  We carry out work for domestic properties, commercial properties, restaurants, offices, hospitals, care homes, councils, large pension companies etc. We care about each and every customer and give the same level of service to a one off house/flat as we do to the larger mentioned companies.

We give free advice over the phone

Because we are a local company you will not be kept waiting for days for a company to eventually turn up. Call Today, and get your drain unblocked in Edinburgh and the Lothians.