Shared drains, mutual drains, joint drain systems, common drains, multi party, combined. Edinburgh and the lothians has many tenement/flatted buildings, also terraced properties and semi detached buildings. Where a drain is used by more than one person it is called a communal drain, at Dial-a-rod we are experienced in undertaking this type of work, in fact you could say we cut our teeth on doing such jobs.

We are there to take the hassle and problems away, and can break down the invoice to divide the amount for each owner,

As we are at home in dealing with multi-owner/ shared drain and pipe systems, you can benefit from this, by choosing Dial-a-rod CCTV drain inspection on communal systems. Most times the problem can be sorted manually or by using our extensive range of equipment, if the blockage is more persistent or the drain is collapsed, either partially or fully you can benefit from a CCTV inspection, this drain survey is then recorded on to a memory card, and for shared/ communal drains we can upload the drain inspection video to YouTube a link is supplied so all owner/tenants can see the survey. This can help immensely in these circumstances.

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