Drain Repairs In Edinburgh

Sometimes we are called out to a situation in Edinburgh that looks like a simple blocked drain. However, there may be a more serious problem with the drain itself (e.g. it could have collapsed, or the drain could have been broken or been damaged in some way). If a drain has been broken or collapsed, water and waste may not be able to flow away, which could cause problems with flooding or sewage. We have also seen the water erode the soil around foundations, which leads to structural damage of buildings. If a drain is broken, it is important that the true nature of the problem is quickly identified and then fixed by either repairing or replacing the damaged drain.

Edinburgh’s experts in drain repair & replacement

With a team of fully qualified and experienced drain engineers, and the latest equipment, Dial A Rod are able to respond quickly and efficiently to repair any type of drain. Naturally, we are fully insured.

Unfortunately, not all of the companies offering a drain repair service have the same level of expertise and experience. This means we have seen instances of other larger or national companies making an error with the type of damage that has been caused, and the wrong part of a drainage system being repaired or replaced. This of course means that the problem with sewage and flooding continues for longer than necessary and you are faced with additional drain repair costs.

Our aim is to correctly identify the type of damage that has been caused and then use the most modern techniques to get your drain working as quickly as possible. Getting it right first time means that your damaged drain will be repaired as quickly as possible and, ultimately, reduce your costs.

For drain clearing and repairs in the Edinburgh area, call Dial A Rod on:

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