CCTV Drain Survey

Edinburgh CCTV Drain Survey & Inspection

Most blockages are cleared either manually or using specialist equipment, like our portable electro-mechanical equipment or our high pressure jetting equipment, however occasionally the problem can be more serious or is reoccurring, you might need to investigate further. We use the latest CCTV  Cameras we have various sizes to suit all pipe and drain sizes. These cameras allow us to see and inspect your drain or pipe, they allow a close up look at the inside of your drains and pipes identify the cause and nature of the problem which allows us to resolve these persistent problems.

Buying a home? Pre purchase survey,you may want to have a drain survey undertaken.

Dial a rod clear over 99% of all drains by using our extensive range of equipment, however if your drain is collapsed or broken or has something stuck in the drain   If there is a problem with your drains that unblocking won’t fix, we can simply survey your drain, the camera is propelled through the drain on semi-rigid coil of rod the CCTV is recorded on to a SD card you then get a copy, along with a report, the camera has on board counter (distance measuring)letting you know exactly how far the problem is from you. If this drain is used by more than one property (shared drain) we can upload to YouTube where everyone gets a link to view the problem, we can then give you a price to do any works required, many times the cost of all this work can be claimed back by your insurance company.iStock_000016184499XSmall On many occasions using the camera can be advantageous by identifying the problem without the need to excavate and replace drains. By identifying your problem quickly it offers a economical and cost effective way of resolving your problem for good. All our vans carry cameras, most times we can offer immediate investigation, and we do not charge extra for this service. We have cameras to survey pipes as small as 40mm and as large as 500mm drain.

Insurance work undertaken.

And remember we never charge a call out fee, and our engineers are all fully qualified and trained.