Did you know that high pressure water jetting is usually the most effective way to unblock drains?

We will frequently recommend drain jetting, as sometimes rods cannot reach the blockage or they just push it further along the drain. Drain jetting can be far more effective, as it blasts the blockage to pieces. It can also cut through deposits of hard grease and more stubborn blockages. It doesn’t matter if the blockage is a large distance away from the manhole or drain – Dial A Rod Edinburgh’s equipment can tackle all problems.

Experienced Engineers

Our engineers have years of experience, and we are confident that our drain jetting equipment is so powerful that it can easily cut through blockages caused by grease, scale, fat, nappies and even tree roots! The blockages are not just cleared, but actually flushed away. Because we use the latest equipment, no further damage will be caused to your drain in the process.

Not all companies have the right equipment. Smaller, inefficient pumps do not have the necessary power to clear the drain properly. Alternatively, it can take far longer. Either way, you can end up paying more than you need to.

We sometimes recommend routine maintenance, to help prevent the build-up of fat, grease, silt etc. That way, problems can sometimes be prevented rather than fixed at a later date.

Finally, your building insurance may cover the costs of drain jetting, and Dial A Rod always do our best to help.

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Additional Services that we offer

  • Drain tracing
  • Sewage extraction
  • Pumping out flooded basements and floors
  • Drain locating
  • Root removal
  • Drain maintenance
  • Smell elimination

At Dial A Rod we undertake almost everything to do with drains.

  • A drain test for your local council building control department.
  • You may have a buried trap or manhole you require locating.
  • A flooded cellar or basement.
  • You may be experiencing a bad smell.
  • It may be you have root intrusion causing you periodic problems.
  • It might be you require an area to be cleaned up.
  • At Dial-a-rod we take care of all your problems.

Even if you want free advice we are happy to help and advise you. 24 hrs 7 days a week 365 days a week Dial A Rod is here to help.

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