Commercial Services

If your a business owner, or managing a company, a supervisor, in charge and responsible for keeping things running smoothly, whether you work in the caring sector such as a nursing home or a hospital, a factory, a shop or a pub, a restaurant a garage,whether you are a letting agent, a housing association, whether you are a maintenance organisation you all have one thing in common, at sometime you will require commercial drain services. We all know down time cost money, blocked drains can grind your business to a halt, cause big problems, blocked drains need tackled fast, they require to be dealt with promptly and efficiently and cost effectively. Why gamble call the experts who care about your business and want to get you sorted fast.004 At Dial-a-rod we are use to dealing with larger scale problems, we are use to dealing with commercial customers many of our existing commercial customers have used our services exclusively for years, there is only one reason for this, we offer a prompt effective service, we have the necessary equipment to deal with any drain problem.

Trust Dial-a-rod serving the commercial sector for over 30 years