Drain Jetting Edinburgh

High pressure water jetting is the most effective way to unblock drains.

Drain jetting is the most effective way of clearing blocked drains, we at dial-a-rod understand the inconvenience and problems a blocked drain can cause. We recommend jetting as rods on most occasions just do not do the job, or cannot reach or simply push the blockage further down the drain, jetting is far more effective, jetting blast that blockage away and cuts through hard deposits of grease and stubborn blockages, Even if the blockage is far away from the manhole our equipment is designed to tackle all jobs. 005 Our  engineers who have years  of experience know the best way to tackle your problem, our high pressure jetting equipment is so powerful it can not only clear stubborn blockages through grease, fat , scale and even nappies, but can also cut through roots that have entered your drain. We cannot only jet down but up pipes too, frequently we clear waste,soil and rather pipes to tenement buildings who have problems high up, our jetters have enough pulling power to reach the blockages others cannot reach. Not all companies have the right equipment or equipment to deal with your problem, many companies use small inefficient pumps that do not have the power to clear blockages or remove all the grease and fat build up or take many times longer to sort your problem, and clear the drain properly.

You can be assured we at Dial-a-rod have the most efficient effective jetting equipment, to get your drain flowing again.

Strong jets of water do not just clear the blockage but help flush it away, jets powerfully enough to clear all blockages but still designed to be kind to your drain.

Some times routine maintenance can prevent scale,grease and fat  and silt build ups.

We have various nozzles to eliminate any problem. On many occasions your building insurance may allow you to recover the cost, we at Dial-a-rod will do our best to help.